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Lead Testing Services   

We offer a variety of lead testing services provided by a Pennsylvania state certified Risk Assessor/Inspector.  We can sample commercial or residential structures.  If your building was built before 1978, you may want to consider this service.  This is particularly important if there are children in the home 6 years old or younger, if a child has an elevated blood lead level, or if anyone is pregnant.  Basement walls, posts, attics, windows, radiators, closets, old play sets in the yard, garages, or an old fence can all be sources of lead poisoning.

Many grant funded rehabilitation projects require lead testing/assessment prior to beginning the work, and clearance testing upon completion.


  Risk Assessments

  Clearance Testing

  Abatement Planning

  In-Place Management

  Water and Soil Testing

  Dust Wipe Testing

  EPA and HUD Standards

We utilize the services of an accredited laboratory, with prompt turn-around time available for clearance testing results.

1.   To minimize your exposure to lead:

1.      2.   Get your home checked for lead hazards

2.      3.   Wash childrens hand, bottles, pacifiers, and toys often

3.      4.   Regularly clean floors, window sills, and other surfaces

4.      5.   Wipe soil off shoes before entering house

5.      6.   Make sure peeling of chipped paint is fixed immediately

6.      7.   Take precautions to avoid exposure to lead dust when remodeling

7.      8.   Dont use belt sander, propane torch, or dry scrape leaded surfaces

8.      9.   Dont try to remove lead-based paint yourself

9.      10. Dont rely on home test kits to determine lead hazards





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